Dalibor Dziwisz
Subject Matter Expert for Ericsson and Cisco Transport Networks

I have been working with AT&T over 5 years.

Currently I am taking care of technical trainings for my colleagues and troubleshooting of projects in Brno MNPC Transport group.
Mainly focusing on Cisco SIADs/MSNs and Ericsson RNCs, NodeBs and eNodeBs, also working with Tellabs and Nokia equipment.

Evgenia Sukoljukova
Subject Matter Expert for Ericsson in Mobility Network Provisioning Center

I have been with AT&T MNPC team for 5 years now.

Supervision of the Mobility Integration, Network Transformation Provisioning and Gold Standard teams in MNPC Brno. Training engineers for new activities, new processes implementation and troubleshooting. Working with Ericsson eNodeBs, NodeBs, RNCs, MSCs and MMEs.

Matus Vrab
SME for Nokia and former Alcatel Lucent technol. in Mobility RAN space

Member of MNPC Brno team since its beginning (5 years).

My responsibilities include creating technological documentations - procedures, First Field Attempts, troubleshooting, scripting, training, Gold Standard alignment and much more. During my time in AT&T I have mostly worked on UMTS -NodeB, RNC, MSC and LTE - eNodeB, MME, SIAD.

Michal Travnicek
Subject Matter Expert for Nokia and Cisco in Transport team

I`ve been in Transport team for 5 years.

Technical supervision of the transport team, participating in new projects insourcing process, performing First Field Application, finding new ways for automation, tool development and testing, creating/updating technical process documents called MOPs, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and problem solving.